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You find yourself in a dire situation: Your life is going nowhere and your bank account is deep in the reds.

You jolt up from your nap, determined that this is it! Enough of drifting, time to show the world your true potential.

Checking the job board, you realize that your limited skills qualify you only for the lower-paying positions.

You apply anyway, dreaming of one day becoming the CEO of a prestigious company. Everybody needs to start somewhere right?

To your surprise, the HR representative calls you back immediately, offering you a freelance position at the company.

Could this be a sign? Is this the opportunity you've been waiting for?

You quickly review the documents and sign the agreement, ready for a fresh start.

Filled with enthusiasm, you get out of bed the next morning and head to work.

It's your first day in your new job and you log into the company's contract system, excited to begin your new journey.

Time to start climbing the corporate ladder.

For The Company! For The Company!